Chandeliers and Light Fixtures

Blossom Interiors holds a range of exclusive and uniquely designed Chandeliers and Light Fixtures. Our range of Chandeliers and Light Fixtures are glamorously stunning and include Crystal Chandeliers, Standing Lamps, and Wall Mounted Light Fixtures, to mention a few.

Our range is so exclusive that it is constantly evolving. The designs are constantly changing based on the latest trends in the hospitality industry, in the commercial realm as well as luxury home trends. You will find that every few months we will have a new range of glamorous lighting that will mesmerise you.

When we decorate the interior of your hotel, office or home, our service will include the Chandeliers and Light Fixtures because creating a well-designed space is an art form. Our Interior Designers know that the right lighting must be used to complement the space. The light must fall in the right way to enhance the styling of the room and to create a beautiful and modern space. With the right chandelier or wall light, you can create an ambience that is flattering and inviting. The right lighting creates the right mood for every moment.

For hotels we have a selection of lighting to choose from that is suitable for the rooms, corridors, passages, foyer and reception area. And you can select a different set of lighting to create an experience specific to each space.

For offices we have a range that is pleasing to the eye. It looks beautiful while fulfilling a specific purpose to add light to the office space. In an office, it is essential that you have sufficient lighting so that employees can perform their tasks optimally and comfortably.   

Luxury home owners will delight themselves with our grand Chandeliers, standing lamps and wall mounted lights. You can create a luxurious atmosphere in your home with our range of lighting.

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