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We provide an exclusive personalised Interior Design service to client’s who want to create an interior space that is unique and tailored to their specific style.

Blossom Interiors can completely transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary space. Our exclusive Interior Design service is tailored to your every need. We are able to design stunning interior spaces for hotel rooms and lobbies, corporate offices and receptions, as well as luxury homes.

We have creative ideas for the interior design of hotel rooms which can be decorated with custom made furniture that we design. The windows can be draped with our custom made curtains that will be designed according to your hotel’s image and desired colour scheme. A hotel room should be inviting with its own unique twist when it comes to the styling. We use our design experience and your input to create hotel rooms with exclusive furniture, décor and draping that will have every guest wanting to stay as long as they can.

A corporate office has a specific corporate image that it needs to maintain. We take this image seriously and endeavour to create an office space that is designed to your specifications and brand image. The office furniture can also be custom made according to your requirements in order to create a unique and interesting office space.

An elegant home can be achieved with our Interior Design service. We can style every room in your house and transform it into the luxury home of your dreams. Our Interior Designers will assess every room and design every element from the furniture and décor to the lighting and curtains. It is our goal to create an extraordinary space for you.

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