Exclusive Custom Made Furniture

We provide more than just interior design services, we manufacture exclusive Custom Made Furniture. When you come to Blossom Interiors you can be assured that we will take care of all the design elements for you and that includes all your furniture needs.

We design and manufacture Custom Made Furniture for the hospitality industry, corporate businesses and luxury home owners.

Hotel Furniture

We manufacture exclusive custom furniture for hotels. With our specialist furniture manufacturing service we can make bedroom furniture, chairs, couches, mirrors, frames and décor items for every room in your hotel. We can also make furniture like couches for the hotel’s lobby area and chairs for the restaurant. Your hotel will have furniture that is exclusively made and that is unique only to your hotel.

Office Furniture

Businesses also have a corporate image to maintain so having your own unique range of Custom Made Furniture will impress your clients and enhance your business. It will also give your employees a sense of pride. We manufacture furniture for offices and reception areas that keeps your brand and corporate image in mind.

Furniture for Homes

For private home owners with a grand lifestyle who want to showcase their grandeur in their homes, we can design distinctive furniture according to your specifications. We make exclusive and extraordinary furniture and décor for all the rooms from the lounge to the bedrooms.

We also have a range of readymade furniture that is unique and exclusive to us. It has been designed with contemporary styling and the eccentric client in mind.

Our range is perfect for those clients who want statement pieces. It is suitable for the hospitality industry, corporates and for luxury home owners.


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With our experience we can take you from getting a quote, right through to being in your new space with all of your belongings securely packed and safely delivered, even in the rooms of your choice.

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