Décor and Décor Accessories

To complete an Interior Design project you will need artistic Décor and Décor Accessories to create the perfect space. When we take on an Interior Design project the décor plays a big role in enhancing the theme or colour scheme as specified by the client.

Décor for Hotels

A hotel room can be enhanced or transformed into a stunning space with the right décor. We have beautiful vases, rugs, lamps, and modern ornaments to give the space more meaning and a touch of glamour. Décor accessories are also great for the lobby area to create an inviting and homely area for guests while they are in this waiting area. It is in the lobby that the guest will form their first impression of your hotel. So you want to make sure that it is a positive and joyful first impression.

Décor for Corporate Offices

Corporate offices can be, let’s face it, rather corporate. So we soften the corporate look and create a more inviting ambience in the office with our range of décor. Adding décor accessories like large vases with flowers or bamboo can soften the space. Likewise, if you add a decorative rug in the reception area it will have a more inviting feeling for customers who visit your office.

Décor for Luxury Homes

We can create a glamorous look for your home with our range of décor and accessories. Imagine enhancing your living room with beautiful glossy vases, crystal lamps and a stunning modern rug. You could also add decorative ornaments like décor bowls with decorative elements or artistic ornaments that fit in with the theme you have designed your living room with. Every room in your home can be enhanced with the right décor and accessories.


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