Custom Made Curtains & Blinds

We offer an exclusive Custom Made Curtains and Blinds service because we want you to have perfectly designed and draped curtains. Our service is perfectly suited for hotels, offices as well as luxury homes.

Custom Made Curtains

At Blossom Interiors we understand how important it is to have curtains or drapes that fit well and style a window properly. Furthermore, the sizing is just as important as the style. We create Custom Made Curtains with the material and design you want and according to the size of the windows. Whether the windows are large or small, we can make curtains that fit perfectly. There are a wide variety of materials and patterns to choose from so you are sure to find the design that fits into the theme of your hotel or the style of your home.

Our Custom Made Curtains service is especially ideal for buildings that have high ceilings and need a curtain to flow all the way from the top of the window to the floor. Our curtain tailoring service will ensure that the height and width is measured so that the perfect set of curtains can be made.

Custom Made Blinds

We also offer a Custom Made Blinds service that is specific to your requirements. The height and width of the window is taken into consideration to ensure the correct size as well as the style of the room or office. We have a wide range of options when it comes to blinds such as vertical or horizontal blinds, venetian, bamboo and many more for you to choose from. Let us know what’s your preference or allow us to recommend the best option.

For perfectly tailored and well-designed Curtains and Blinds, Blossom Interiors will amaze you with our creations.

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