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Blossom Interiors are professional Interior Decorators that started back in 2015 with the idea to create stunning spaces for the hospitality and corporate industries as well as for luxury homes. We offer an exclusive interior design service and provide unique furniture designs that transform any area into a remarkable and magnificent space.

The ownership of Blossom Interiors has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has vast knowledge on how to achieve a desired interior design experience with functionality and quality in mind. Our Interior Decorators are creative and will be able to take your design brief and interpret it into an exclusive style by creating a well-designed and exceptional space.

Blossom Interiors is well geared to accommodate clients in areas far and wide. We service and travel throughout the entire African continent. We cover South Africa, DRC, Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, Botswana, Tunisia and all the other African countries.

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Our Mission:

Striving to give value with a unique experience

We also design and manufacture custom furniture for clients when we provide our exclusive interior decorating service. Our range of custom furniture includes chairs, couches, bedroom furniture, mirrors, frames and décor products. We design custom made furniture based on the client’s specifications which would include the style, colour and material preferred. Our Interior Decorators will also recommend creative solutions as per individual requests. For those clients who want furniture that is already readymade, we also have selected exclusive furniture in stock that you can choose from. Our furniture range is impressive and extraordinary. Decorative windows also enhance and uplift any space instantly. For beautifully draped windows we offer a custom made curtains and blinds service to complete the designer look.


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With our experience we can take you from getting a quote, right through to being in your new space with all of your belongings securely packed and safely delivered, even in the rooms of your choice.

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